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Book Report Plan | Book report
Eragon Book Report


These are the main characters in the book and here is some information on each

Eragon: Is a young boy who just happens to find what he thinks is a very peculiar rock in the Spine what he doesnt know is that what he found was actually one of the last dragons eggs around. Eragon is powerful, brave and heroic and is always willing to face any foes he meets! He is learning how to form alliances, determine whether he can trust people, and how to use his magic safely and effectively, Eragon can occasionally be a bit too headstrong. Luckily he has wise guides like Brom and Saphira to show him the way threw his journey.

Saphira: The first dragon to be born in over a century. Is one of the last two dragons alive Saphira while still in her egg was stolen by an elf and left in the Spine where Eragon found her.

Brom: Brom is known to most people as the town storyteller little do they know that he was once a great dragon Rider who encountered many things. He is indeed wise and experienced! However, Brom are wise enough to know when he can avoid a fight and save his energy which will hopefully rub off on to Eragon. Brom has a keen ability to think on his feet, resourcefulness, and ability to make allies are skills invaluable in any conflict.

Murtagh: Murtagh is the son of Morzan, the member of the Forsworn that betrayed the Riders to Galbatorix. Murtagh is a very skilled swordsman. He has to be because he is always in conflict. He is on the run from the Empire and he cannot join the Varden because he is the son of a Forsworn. He joins Eragon when Brom dies and helps him on his quest.

Galbatorix: An evil king who is intent on finding Riders for the last two dragon eggs that are in his possession. The dragons will not hatch unless the right person touches the egg. Many years before the story took place Galbatorix was a Rider himself, and he killed all but thirteen other Riders. The other thirteen were called the Forsworn and they were loyal to him, but they were killed in battle over the years. Now Galbatorix wants Eragon to join him. If not then he wants Eragon to die.

Durza: Durza is a shade which is a like a monster. He looks exactly like a human except for his crimson hair and maroon eyes. He has magical powers and he stops at nothing to reach his goal. He is working for King Galbatorix to kill Eragon.