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Eragon Book Report
Debreifing of the book

Eragon was a fifteen-year old boy who lived in the small town of Carvahall. In this story it is reaching the winter season and he, his uncle and his cousin needed food for the cold months ahead. Eragon was a good hunter and went hunting often. He hunted near the mountain range called the Spine, which was close to Carvahall. While hunting there one morning, he came across a stone. It was shiny and light blue except for thin white veins all across it. He took it home, hoping that it might be worth a lot of money and that he could use it to buy food.

The next week a group of traders come into Carvahall as they did every fall. Eragon took the egg to one of the traders and asked if it would be worth anything. The trader did not deal with such objects so Eragon left it be.

That night Brom, the storyteller, told the village about the Riders, a group of knights with magical powers who rode dragons and kept the land from danger against elsewhere. He told them how the Rider Galbatorix and his partner Morzan had killed all but thirteen other Riders so that he himself could rule the land of Alagasia. The Riders who were not killed joined Galbatorix and were named the Forsworn. He told of how all of the Forsworn were killed in battle and how Galbatorix still lived, but had no warriors to fight for him. Brom said that Galbatorix had two dragon eggs in his possession, but they would not hatch unless touched by the correct person, who was to be the next Rider.

That night, Eragon woke from his sleep. He could hear a cracking sound from underneath his bed. He pulled out the stone from underneath his bed frame. There was a crack down the middle of it, then another branching off from it, and it continued like that until the stone split right in half and out crawled a baby dragon.

It turned out that the stone was actually a dragon egg and that he, Eragon, was to become the first Rider in over a century. He fed the dragon and kept it in the woods behind his home. One day he went into the woods to teach the dragon, which he named Saphira, to hunt. He slept the night in Saphiras home, which was a large hole in the bottom of a tree. On his return, he found his home burnt to the ground and his uncle badly burnt underneath the ruble. He put his uncle on Saphiras back and flew him into Carvahall. That night his uncle died. Eragon was furious and decided that he had to avenge his uncles death. The blacksmith, Garrow, said that he had given directions to two men with black capes and hoods to Eragons house. As soon as he heard this he ran to the woods were Saphira was resting. He was surprised to find Brom there. Brom said that he knew who the attackers were and that they were looking for Saphira. They were two helpers of the king Galbatorix. They were magical creatures called the Razac and they were looking for the dragon.

So Eragon and Brom followed the Razac to a city called Dras-Leona. It was thought to be the headquarters of the Kings army and the Razac. While Eragon was exploring the city, he was ambushed in the cathedral by the Razac and a hundred soldiers. He only barely escaped them and he and Brom were forced to flee Dras-Leona. Now that the tables had turned, Eragon and Brom had to continue to the headquarters of the Varden. The Varden were a group of people that were fighting against the king Galbatorix to take over the throne and reinstate the time of the Riders.

One night, when they were sleeping in their camp outside the capital city of Urbaen, the two travelers were attacked by a band of Urgals', gargoyle like creatures with no wings and large horns. Brom was struck by the chief Urgal and was badly wounded, and Eragon was knocked out before he could fight.

When Eragon woke, he found all the Urgals lying dead on the ground a large man sitting on a log sharpening his sword. Brom was lying on the ground; his torso all bandaged up. The strange man was named Murtagh and he said that he had killed the Urgals. Brom suddenly groaned and told Eragon that he had been a Rider and he gave Eragon the sword of Morzan, Zarroc, which Brom had killed Morzan himself for. Later on that day, Brom died. Eragon made a tomb for him and Saphira blessed it by turning it into crystal.

Eragon continued his journey to the Varden, this time accompanied by Murtagh. They crossed the Hadarac Desert to the mouth of Beartooth River. Beside Beartooth River was a path that would lead them to Farthen Dr, the headquarters of the Varden. While following the river, they heard the horn of the Urgal army, which had been following them since Urbaen. They raced to the entrance of Farthen Dr, which was hidden in the side of a mountain. A stone coloured gate opened in the side of the mountain and Eragon, Murtagh and Saphira were let in while a members of the Varden shot the Urgals with bows and arrows.

Inside, Murtagh was taken beaten and taken away to a cell and Eragon and Saphira were taken to a room high up in Farthen Dr, which was actually a city chiseled into the mountain by dwarfs. The next day, Eragon met with Murtagh and Murtagh told him why he was treated so harshly.

Murtagh was actually the son of Morzan, Galbatorixs right hand man. Murtagh used to live with Galbatorix, but did not like him because of how badly he treated other people. He had run away and had been running from the Empire ever since. The reason the Varden did not like him was because they believed he was an Imperial spy, sent to find out where the Varden was.

At the very end of the book, the Urgals gain entry to the underground tunnels that lead into Farthen Dr, and the Varden are forced to fight a whole army of Urgals. Then, out of one of the tunnels, comes Durza. Durza is a shade and he has been sent to kill Eragon and retrieve Saphira. Durza and Eragon have a battle of magic, and Eragon kills him with his sword thanks to a distraction of fire breathing by Saphira. The Urgals flee when Durza is killed and Eragon joins the Varden to fight against Galbatorix. You can find out what happens next in book two of the Inheritance Trilogy called Eldest.