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Book Report Plan | Book report
Eragon Book Report
Book Report Plan

Book Report Plan

Cook, Brendan


Our plan for our book report is to obviously introduce the book and the author. We will then give a debriefing on the book. And it depends if we can get a costume or not but if we get a costume we will have pre filmed a scene from the book Brendan being the dragon and Daf being Eragon. If we can not do that we will preform for the audience a small battle scene.

One of us will also describe as many characters as we can giving background information on them etc.

The presentation will also include a reading or two from the book to get the audience interested each time we shall leave them hanging just to make them want to find out what happens in the book.

We have drawn a map of Eragons travels to show the audience the places Eragon traveled and we will give information on what happened at every town he stopped in.

Background information will also be given on Christopher Paolini. For example we will talk about the trio of books in the series of Eragon the second book being called Eldest. It will also include the future of the book like if and when it comes out on video. We will also have information on when the book was first published. It will also include about how Christopher graduated when he was 15 years old.

There will be a pronunciation guide of characters and cities that Eragon stops in. In that there will also be the ancient languages and what certain words mean.

Our speech will also include raves about the book from various resources.

Who the book would appeal too is another thing we will touch on during our presentation. Also what the book is similar too like if you read the Lord Of The Rings you'd enjoy this series of books.

We have already prepared a poster which has the title of the book and a picture of Eragon riding his dragon. The dragon is made out of cut up pop cans so the scales are more realistic. Our other prop is a replica of the dragon egg which at first was thought to be a stone and plays a major part in the beginning of the book. Another prop we will try to get is a miniature stuffed dragon to help with our presentation.